Apokalypsis 321

The Lion of the tribe of Juda... (Rev 5:5)



A disclosure of truth, instruction concerning things before unknown. The numbers 3...2..1 in our name represent a  countdown to indicate the time remaining before the APOKALYPSIS occurs.

Every time  you  log into Apocalypsis 321 you can expect  that there will be a manifestation of hidden truths and powerful spiritual revelations unlike anything you have ever experienced previously.

Due to the constant censorship, suppression and prohibition of  the  "inconvenient truths"  revealed by the founder of Apokalypsis321, Kijani Amari on certain social media platforms through  spurious "community guidelines strikes" , "flags" on content from internet trolls and unwarranted "take downs" of video uploads; we decided to break free from our oppressors.

Apokalypsis321 is a place where like minded individuals have the opportunity to gather together in order to gain new insight into the world around them through the information presented, with the added ability to share ideas  about this information without the hassle of  arguing and contending with those who have no interest in the information presented and whose only purpose is to sow discord  among supporters of this work  and TRUE BELIEVERS of THE MOST HIGH.

Contact us at : Apokalypsis321@gmail.com